What is the incentive for employers? Value-based purchasing.

DirectNet has proven to be a competitive preferred provider organization (PPO), and our employer ownership gives us a comprehensive understanding of the economic challenges of the community.

It is important for employers to ask themselves, “What are we getting for the money we are spending on healthcare services for our employees?”

Employers are the primary payers of healthcare services for the majority of working Americans and play a critical role in transforming the healthcare delivery system. We are convinced local employers should lead the collaborative endeavor to reform our local healthcare system through value-based purchasing.

The philosophy of value-based purchasing is that quality and price equal value. In the past, employers have looked only at price due to the lack of available data to measure quality. Changes in the healthcare industry now provide data that allow us to measure quality and make decisions based on value.

Incentives for Employers

  • Join local employers to lead reform of our healthcare community.
  • Collective negotiations for vendor services.
  • Recognition for participation in community initiative.
  • Drive positive changes in healthcare benefits for your employees.
  • Access to vast knowledge of healthcare trends.

Participation of other self-insured employers is welcome. Please contact us to learn how DirectNet can assist you to connect with the community in addressing your healthcare costs.