DirectNet is a PPO offering an extensive network of high quality healthcare providers, including hospitals, physicians and other ancillary services. We provide exceptional PPO network services designed to maximize efficiency through a common sense approach while focusing on value-based purchasing.

We recognize the challenges of the entities that finance, provide and receive healthcare. We believe these challenges are most effectively addressed by the four principles of value-based purchasing:

  1. Adjust benefit designs so that they foster improvements in care and contain overall costs.
  2. Pay more to physicians, hospitals, and other providers who deliver excellent care.
  3. Measure the performance of healthcare providers, including physicians, hospital and ancillary services.
  4. Report performance data to the public to empower consumers and other purchasers of healthcare.

Incentives of Connecting the Community...

  • Employers see more value for the healthcare dollar.
  • Healthcare providers receive recognition for clinical experience.
  • Members have access to high quality healthcare in their local community.